Hi, my name is Mrs Tracy McMahon (MFHT) DipKore MASacu. I am an integrated health specialist of 10 years and proprietor of an award winning Holistic Health Spa and Clinic in Liverpool, Buddha Therapies. We provide a variety of professional eastern and western therapies for the mind, body and spirit for men, women, and children of all ages. My intention at Buddha Therapies is completely based on its service. To provide health, well-being and compassion to the clients, staff and to myself. Helping our staff give the best they can give to help empower them through compassionate service, to take control of their own health and to awaken the healing power inside them is a priority. Integrating the best of modern medical science and ancient eastern healing methods, we aim to promote well-being on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level, this is the answer to our future.

My personal integrity is my passion, an affinity with people, nurturing them to recovery and growth often when they are mentally and physically depleted and my personal resilience I try to teach to others too, is your emotional and spiritual strength which enables you to enjoy life, survive pain, disappointment, and sadness.

We were voted best holistic business in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 with Liverpool Lifestyle Awards. I, Myself was nominated for the finals for Best Holistic Healer 2020 and won, “National Business Woman of the Year 2016” with Forward Ladies. Also, in recognition to the success with fertility treatments we provide, we were invited to host support talks by Professor Charles Kingsland, the head of the north west for IVF fertility, at the Hewitt centre in the Liverpool women’s hospital and Knutsford. In 2015 we came runner up to Edge Hill University in Liverpool at the house of lords in London for a “Mental Health First Aid champions national award”. We took an innovative approach when faced with increasingly individuals visiting us with profound mental health issues, adults, and children.

After many years of running Buddha Therapies, we thought it was time to diversify and take on a new challenge. That is when we come up with “Buddha Therapies Academy”. This is an opportunity for us to run courses in different areas of Holistic Therapies, helping people to take their first steps and gain a foothold in the industry. Buddha Therapies Academy is an extension of the practice and knowledge that we would like to share with as many people as possible, as I believe that everybody should have the understanding and knowledge of the power of holistic therapies and how they enable you to either help others or help yourself balance the mind, body and spirit. So we have created our own holistic, complementary and alternative diploma courses to help enhance life skills, share appropriate information and enable you to deliver the courses to your own clients, friends or family as our aim is to make Holistic Therapies “the norm” in our society today and for the future.

I not only have a passion for the field, I understand that Holistic Therapies could hold the key to our inner strength, I remind my clients, "When we water a plant, we water the root, then the leaves will flourish, balance starts from within", by getting to the root of the problem, we can help to organise any disorganised imbalances during the treatment from structural, skeletal, neurological, muscular and most importantly, emotional. Holistic Therapies have hundreds of healing techniques that have stemmed from many countries for thousands of years enabling the organs, blood, Qi "Energy" and oxygen to work to their optimum, creating homeostasis for the mind, body and spirit.

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